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Sacred Cryoskin Slimming Photo

Sacred Cryoskin Slimming

Treatment: Slimming Area: Abdomen Number of Treatments: 5  and 10 Call for Consultation Destroy fat and lose inches, all in 28 minutes. During a Cryoskin slimming treatment, the skin is warmed then rapidly cooled.  Customers usually lose over half an inch in the first session, but don't just take our word for it.  See more results for yourself.   Results are immediate, but we recommend 5 -10 sessions for the best results.   Packages of 5 and 10 are available and are highly recommended for best results! We offer special pricing so that you can save more with packages!  Plus, you will receive other added services into the packages you choose. We call it "Customized to You!"

Cryo Slimming/ CryoToning - CryoToning Facial - CryoToning Facelift  Photo

Cryo Slimming/ CryoToning - CryoToning Facial - CryoToning Facelift

The Peltier Effect. The Peltier Effect gives Cryoskin precise temperature control, creating the perfect conditions to reduce fat without damaging the surrounding tissue.     The body calls on the lymphatic system to send macrophages (large white blood cells) to come and ‘eat-up’ the fat debris after the cold temperature has destroyed the fat cell.    Some slimming services can actually damage your skin. Cryoskin is completely non-invasive and uses science that works with your body’s natural systems. That’s why your CryoSlimming® sessions will be every 2 weeks.  This ensures your body’s lymphatic system has time to recover, leaving you looking and feeling amazing. CryoToning®, cold temperatures smooth skin, reduce the appearance of cellulite,.  Improve the skin’s overall texture and appearance. CryoFacial uses cold temperatures to increase blood flow and oxygen, which reduces the appearance of wrinkles  pores and improves skin elasticity. A natural, non-invasive way to look younger and more radiant   Pricing: We have an aray of reatment  options of CryoSkin Slimming, Toning, and Facial settings that we can create a personalized custom treatment program to address your needs. Beginning with fat loss in the stubborn areas that diet and exercise can't do, post pregnancy mommy tummy makeovers, bodybuilders pre- competition , to the personal goal desired 6-pack, reduction of  those hard to loose“love handles”,  stubborn cellulite, and double chin that comes with age. the best idea  and recommendation is to come in for a free consultation to discuss your goals and design your  best treatment plan for you. Cryoskin Body Slimming & Toning :   $375.00 per session Packages of 5 & 10 recommended. Cryoskin Toning Facial :      $275 per session Packages of 5 are recommended. Packages provide a discount of regular single price.Free consultation inclueded (Consultation $50.00 vwithout package) Cryoskin Toning Facelift :   $300.00 per session Packages of 5 are recommended. Packages provide a discount of regular single price.Free consultation inclueded (Consultation $50.00 vwithout package)  Cryoskin Toning Neck Lift  : $250 per session Packages of 5 are recommended. Packages provide a discount of regular single price.Free consultation inclueded (Consultation $50.00 vwithout package) Purchase any Cryoskin Packages you will receive a FREE GIFT !!

Huntington Breeze Photo

Huntington Breeze

This facial cares and treats the skin as nature intended it to be. To work with the healing benefits of the sea to regenerate collagen/ elastin fibers and detoxify impurities of the skin.  The "BeautyStrips " mask begins with a genuine base of pure, naturally-sourced kelp seaweed whose creation consists of more than 1300 hours of hand-crafted care. Alone, seaweed naturally provides the minerals and nutrients necessary to calm, smooth, nourish and hydrate your skin. Combined with another 31 natural ingredients designed to lift, tighten, reduce impurities and tone skin, the "BeautyStrips" mask will revolutionize your beauty regimen. Package of seven : $900.00  Buy six and get your seventh one free !! THAT IS A $325.00 SAVINGS !   Benefits • Brighten • Moisturize • Nourish • Rejuvenate • Reduce the appearance of pores • Improve transparency • Increase elasticity • Refine look and feel of skin

Jacqueline Radell Photo

Jacqueline Radell

Spa OwnerI have been a licensed Esthetician and Make-up artist for twenty-eight years. I went back to school after fourteen years in esthetics and pursued my education in Massage Therapy.I have worked in large spas ,Chiropractors , and physical therapy offices in Southern California. I believe all this great exposure brings me great knowledge and work experience. To have the opportunity to work with Chiropractors and physical therapists has made me more educated on all the systems  of the body and how everything works so sinergestly for the common good of the body 's ability to heal itself. extensive experience in Aesthetics are in the beauty and paramedical field. I have worked extensively with plastic surgeons,dermatologists,not to mention in upscale spas in Southern California. I have had some well know clients that you may be familiar with such as Bronson Pinot,Anne Gedes,Don Knotts,past Californian Secretary of State Bruce McPherson:just to name a few. I continue my education in skincare ,make-up artistry , and massage therapy. I also will be furthering my education in make-up at the Make-up Studio Academy in Hollywood,California to get my Masters in SPX Make-up. I have a wide range of experience working as a Paramedical Aesthetician doing laser hair removal, IPL Photo-facial ,E-Matrix skin resurfacing,and medical grade peels. Performing anti-aging treatments are one of my favorite treatments because I love to see how the skin renews itself and even though there may be damage to the skin from environmental lifestyle causes the skin can heal itself back to a natural healthier state.. I take great pride in caring for my clients and have a strong commitment to insure that they receive the best care they deserve. Come in to experience what I call my "FIVE STAR TREATMENT "and let's get acquainted ! I look forward to caring for all your health needs ! Sincerely, Jacqueline Radell

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